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Suggestion de Gigi

Message par jjgueudry le Mer 25 Mai - 14:03

Bonjour à tous.

La WDSF a annoncé vouloir poursuivre sa lutte vers un jugement le plus objectif possible.

extrait : Issue 2016/01: Combat Competition Manipulation | The Task Force
::: WDSF Press Release ::: Issue 15/04/2016 :::

In a letter circulated to his fellow members of the WDSF Presidium on 13 April 2016 President Lukas Hinder announced his plan to install a Presidential Task Force in order to combat competition manipulation. Here is the full text of Hinder's missive.
The problem is as old as our sport. It was with us from day one, in our best moments as well as in the worst. There it was, frequently stirring debate, occasionally creating controversy. But now it puts in question everything we stand for.
Having whom we consider to be the best and the brightest standing floorside and adjudicating our competitions came at a high price. It always did, but in view of recent developments, this price has gone up exponentially. So much in fact that we may well arrive at the watershed moment: we either rise to the occasion or else … Change or be changed!
Over the past few years, this federation has been working harder than ever to improve the process of judging the performances put in by our athletes. It has done so comprehensively: from the very fundamentals of how an assessment is made to the education, qualification and selection of those making it. We have also gone to great length in trying to instil appropriate ethical values in everyone who officiates at our competitions.
But even with our new, transparent and fair system of adjudication finally in place, the scourge of bias and favouritism seems to hit us with more virulence than ever. The worst we can do is to shrug it off as the “old” problem persisting in spite of our many efforts to overcome the flaws in previous systems. Even if it is the same problem in nature, it has grown drastically in scope for the following reasons.
More competitions than ever before are held under our auspices. As their number increases year after year, so does the number of adjudicators needed to officiate. Supervision and control of the latter become increasingly difficult.
Recent alliances forged between trainers to collaborate in training camps or similar ventures bring about more conflicts of interest when they officiate as adjudicators at our competitions. If serving the sport in a dual role as trainer and adjudicator was conflict-prone in the past, trainers grouping under the colours of a team, stable or whatever the construct make it only worse.

les gens exagèrent toujours

Selon l'adage " En france on a pas de pétrole mais on a des idées ..." ( ouf c'est pas d'hier çà )

je suggère ici un moyen simple et efficace de mettre tout le monde à égalité.

Il suffit donc de publier la liste des juges par compétition avec  5 ou 6 mois d'avance.

Ceci aurait que des effets bénéfiques pour notre sport

1 - permettre à chaque couple d'avoir le temps de prendre des cours avec TOUS les juges
              - c'est malin parce qui si tous les couples jouent le jeu l'équité est garantie . Laughing

2 - permettre aux juges de faire plus de business - retour plus rapide de la croissance - sunny

3 - permettre à des couples de ne pas s'inscrire bêtement à des compétitions ou ces juges qui ne leur mettent pas de marques. cheers
             -  aucun intérêt sportif
             - pas de prise de tete avec partenaires ou coach
             -  dépense d'argent inutile
             -  re orientation du budget vers le point 1

Tout le monde y trouverait son compte,  non ?

Bon je retourne m'entrainer  Basketball

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Re: Suggestion de Gigi

Message par GAD le Mer 25 Mai - 16:54

Pour une réelle objectivité il faudrait commencer par séparer le corps arbitral du corps professoral... comme c'est le cas dans de nombreux sports !


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